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Terms and Condition of Manali Nights


Thanks, and welcome to the Terms and Condition section of Manali Nights Escorts Service. By accessing our site through any means and any method, you confirm that you have read and accept the privacy policy and terms of services of Manali Nights. It means, you agree to be bound by them and promise not to make any attempt to spoil the image of the agency. For those who have not read our privacy policy and terms of service, we request they first navigate through all the aspects of our services before making a deal with us.
Note: if you have already read and understood our terms of services and privacy policy and don’t accept them then we request you not to engage our website and use the services. However, you are free to contact us. and share your concern. But we don’t guarantee you that we will make changes to our terms of service. The founders and high authority of the Manali Nights reserve the right to make the decision.

Who can use our services?

Manali Nights is an independent escort agency. Our foundation is laid with the aim of providing unbiased call girl services to interested customers in India without any discrimination. Anyone who is in India can use our services and avail of the benefits. As a responsible escort agency, we understand and respect the information act policy for children. Our services are not available for children or anyone who is underage or lower than 21. No matter whether you want to just access our site for reading content or consider placing an order if you are a child or below the age, we will not serve you. We appeal that you close this website immediately and never try to access it until and unless you turn more than 21.


As we are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers, we don’t accept membership or sign up on our website through Facebook, Gmail, or any other digital platform. If you want to sign up for our membership, you are required to contact us by calling our phone number. Or you can send us an email. We will identify you whenever you call us for call girl services in India. That’s the reason why we don’t have any option to set up an account on our website. Apart from contacting us, there is no other possible way to subscribe to our services.

Your interaction with our services

Manali Nights Escort Service is dedicated to serve customers to the best level. But we can accomplish this purpose only if you behave generously and kindly with our escorts. To ensure our customers always get the best services and satisfaction, we have put in place the best of the best call girls in place. We have trained all of them to always be calm and respectful with the customers. But the same gentleness and responsible behaviour we also expect from you. Manali Nights allow a call girl to say no if the customers beat her, force her, and hurt her sentiments. The consequences of wounding a girl or sexual assault will be taken seriously to the point of legal fights in court.

Order cancellation

Manali Nights want to make this world a better place where man and woman can live in full harmony with immense love and affection. That’s why we have been working 24*7 hours to spread love in the air. We have put our best efforts to serve the best customers. But to ensure the safety of our escorts, website, and business; there are some conditions under which we reserve the right of cancellation of the services or booking. If can cancel your call girl booking if:

  • We believe that you are not a genuine customer.
  • You try to harm the image of our brand, services, and websites.
  • You provide incorrect details like the wrong name of the hotels, location, and timings
  • You don’t pay after the arrival of the escort at your hotel or flat.
  • You are not available at the location on the given address, date, and time.
  • You don’t have a safe place for sexual activities.
  • The hotel denies allowing the check-in to your and a call girl for any whatsoever reason.
  • You click the pics of call girls or create a video without the consent of the call girl.
  • You copy, modify, publish, transmit, display, edit or try to manipulate the website in any way.
  • You abuse, misbehave, or blackmail the call girl.
  • You can set up personal information or deal with her directly without the agency.
  • You demand any specific type of intercourse for which the call girl is not comfortable.
  • You disclose the identity of the call girl or her contact details to anyone in your contact.

Privacy of your access to our website

Manali Nights follow the best practices to keep the identity of the customers under the thick layers of security. But you are also responsible to take care of privacy and identity while accessing our website or booking a call girl from our agency. Make sure you always use a trusted browser to access our website on your phone or computer. Don’t forget to delete the history of your browser after accessing our website if you don’t want anyone to know that you have accessed the Manali Nights Escort website on the phone or computer. We will not be responsible if information about your engagements with our escort service is leaked to anyone due to your negligence and carelessness.

Limitation and Liability

Hereby, we announce that the users and customers; who deal with us will be solely responsible for behaviour and interaction with our escorts. Be informed that Manali Nights escort service doesn’t conduct criminal background checks on its users. Our call girl agency doesn’t make promises or warranty about the conduct of the call girls or their compatibility with the customers.


Manali Nights allow customers to cancel their order before the arrival of the call girls. As we trust our customers, let them find and book a call girl of their choice without payment. But customers are required to make a successful payment when our escort reaches the address of the customers. Once the payment is done after the arrival of the call girl, we are not obliged to refund the payment under any circumstances. However, in case of dispute and conflict, customers can contact our customer services department and request a solution. As we are a customer-oriented agency, so assure you the instant and effective solution to your problem occurs while dating our call girl anywhere in India.

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